An Outline for the End

As Daniel and Revelation are keys to one another to their understanding, I am the key to the understanding of both. This is obvious to me if for no other reason than I and my family are the only family on earth who "weep and howl for the misery about to come." Today is an exceptional time in that it is one of the very few times when faith has degenerated to the point of virtual extinction. For 15 years I have worn myself out not only winning my own family but also trying to get my extended family and friends and churches around the world to seriously consider what Christ meant when He said, "When I come will there be faith on earth?" in light of the Reformation 500 years ago. The Reformation is a virtual non-event in the hearts of so-called Christians today; why, even Lutherans have little to do with what he wrote and believed. Yet in his writings there is embedded a heart that truly yearned after the faith once for all delivered to the Saints-of which Luther was OBVIOUSLY one of the greatest.

No one sees a reason to WEEP AND HOWL so smug are the fraternal twins the world and the church. This Laodicean ooze is in the process of being vomited up by Christ and destroyed; Christ's stomach is rumbling with their sickness at this very moment. Oh! How smug the world is in its "faith." Many thanks to America and its perverted form of Democracy for the unleashing of the human spirit wherein the Individual is {religiously} EXPECTED to fully express himself. Oops, God forgive me, I must include "herself" also. Democracy is ungodly enough in its own right without what it has sunken to in my beloved country which wrongly believes it is its duty to convert the world to the Religion of Democracy. America has become fall-down drunk on its mission to conquer the world with its liberating gospel of full expression without regard for true reasonableness or morality. America was built on the mantra, "If it is self-evident, it is godly to do it, even if it involves the witchcraft of rebellion." This "reasonableness" has advanced to the point where truly reasonable persons dare not open their mouth for fear of an onslaught of perverse public protests.

Well, as Luther said, "If the rock is too heavy…" The Rock of spiritual ignorance among the people and nations of the world is too heavy even for Christ to move to repentance, though He will move it over the edge of Hell. There is absolutely NO DIFFERENCE today between the church and the world, other than that on Sunday morning some are screwing the wrong person, and some are screwing God. They have ALL BECOME ADULTERERS AND ADULTERESSES. And they won't weep and howl, so secure are they in their just cause, just life, and just about everything.

I am confirming Daniel's prophecy to the Jews-his people. They will be restored about the middle of the Tribulation after false Jews reestablish the Temple System which is destroyed about the middle of the Great Tribulation.

I am telling you that Democracy is the vehicle through which Antichrist's rule is made possible.

The wrath of God is coming very soon on a 500-year-old church for its desecration of the Reformation-an event second only to the Resurrection in the last 2,000 years.

Anyone can say these things, but there is no real comfort of Holy Spirt-zeal unless these words come from the mouth of a prophet of God. Micah 3:7 "For the LORD GOD does nothing without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets." "My" words will bring comfort to those deserving of comfort when they are most in need of comfort.

I have no word or inclination regarding us, only that we are a family, a unit I would cherish remaining a unit.

In Rev. 4:1 the Church Age is over, and there is a one-family transition to the New World, just as Noah was transitional between theocracy and human government.

The Tribulation is a tragedy with a most happy ending: The Meek shall inherit the earth, and the Jew will be grafted back into the Church.

Each expression of wrath is JUSTIFIED-COMPLETELY. Rev. 15:4; 16:6; 18:6; 19:2

Revelation is a WARNING to us not to despise the Word which allows the heart to become hard to the point of blasphemy against the Spirit, which is feeling good about error and darkness and defending it-as the world religion of Antichrist will do.

Man will not be humbled, which our 9/11 teaches us. "Our cause is just!" Compare how Egypt responded to the Ten Plagues.

There will be an unholy trinity of the Dragon, the Beast and the False Prophet, and they will have authority for 42 months (13:1). An Image is made and breath is given to it (13:5). The Beast is a political leader that demands worship. Most world leaders instinctively believe they have the right to be worshipped. Nebuchadnezzar is a classic example of this. In the beast you have the quest of Adam fulfilled-human worship.

The 144,000 are the FIRSTRUITS of Tribulation Saints (14:1)

"MYSTERY Babylon" is the great mother of prostitutes and earth's abominations (17:5). A final false religion will seduce the people of the world. John marveled at this mystery; I believe because the "church" had become the germinal basis of a world religion. This religion is devoured by the Beast and the kings in league with him (17:8).

This Woman is a very great city with dominion (17:18). I believe it is the Tower of Babel FULLY DEVELOPED and towering over the whole world. It is a worldwide city with commerce and religion as its glue.

In Chapter 18 we have the fall of Babylon; the god of mammon is finally judged and the prostitutes of the earth cannot weep and howl enough. Our 9/11 should have been a wake-up call for the whole world to repent of its greed and godlessness. Instead, it confirmed itself in error. God plainly tells His people to COME OUT OF HER OR BE DESTROYED WITH HER (18:4). The heart of a Saint has no business being in the System. And while this System is being judged, it will be preoccupied with reestablishing its security rather than repenting.

Armageddon and its prelude consist of Daniel's "North, South and East." Antichrist is the "West."

There will be an ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION, which will be the complete worship of Man/Satan. This takes place about mid-Tribulation.

In Chapter 8 we have a worshipful reverence, as evidenced by silence, as if Heaven was centering itself for the horror of what was coming. This is the vengeance of the Saints which has built up over 6,000 years, because they have pleaded and begged, mostly to no avail.

John is told in Chapter 10 that he must prophesy again.

The Temple Court is given to the Gentiles for 42 months. The Two Witnesses preside for 1,260 days and are a thorn to Antichrist as Elijah was a thorn to Ahab. Ahab accused Elijah of "troubling Israel."

There will be a Temple in Heaven (11:19)

The Woman-Church is protected by God for 1,260 days in the wilderness.

Satan is cast out of Heaven (12:7). I believe this is at the 3 ½ year mark plus.

The Beast comes forth from humanity, also about the 3 ½ year mark. Satan gives him his power, throne and great authority (Ch. 13). Verse 4 reveals Satan and the Beast will be worshipped and that no one can "fight against him." The Beast is allowed to have a dirty, blasphemous mouth for 42 months-compare Daniel 1:36. He mocks all True Religion of all time and makes war on the Saints (13:7). Verse 8 tells us the whole world worships the Beast.

13:11 states that "another beast" comes out of the earth. This Beast makes the earth worship the primary Beast (v. 12) and "makes an image for the beast that was wounded" (v. 14). I believe this wound of the Beast is to do for the world what the wound of Christ does for His followers.

In Chapter 14 Christ is on Mt. Zion with His 144,000. There is a final warning to repent. They do not, and the blood reaches to the horses' bridles for 184 miles.

The bowl judgments are in Ch. 16. NO REPENTANCE. Demonic frogs come out of the mouth of the Dragon, the Beast, and the False Prophet and hoodwink the world to assemble for battle (v. 13). Christ declares, "I COME AS A THIEF IN THE NIGHT." The seventh bowl judgment is the greatest earthquake ever whereby the cities of the world are felled, and the "great city" is split into three parts. God sends 100-pound hailstones, and still people curse God rather than repent (v. 17)

I believe the Great Prostitute of Chapter 17 is the combined estates of church and state, fully perverted-Wall Street and Rome combined, as it were. Both are drunk with the blood of the Saints-especially the State. But they are judged; the "church" is devoured by the Beast, and the State is conquered by Christ.

Chapters 18 and 19 discuss the fall of Babylon.

Chapter 20 includes the 1,000-year reign of Christ, the Last Battle and the Great White Throne Judgment.

Chapter 21 speaks of the New Heaven, the New Earth and New Jerusalem, which is 1,400 miles cubed. There will be NO TEMPLE in the eternal state.

Chapter 22 relates that the NATIONS will be supplied with spiritual sustenance by Trees of Life on either side of the River.

Daniel 2 The Frightening Image

a. V. 31 MYSTERY

      i. PARTIALLY revealed to Daniel

      ii. V. 20-23 Understanding from God

b. The image

      i. Head of gold = Nebuchadnezzar

      ii. Chest and arms of silver = Persians (Darius)

            1. inferior

      iii. Stomach and thigh of bronze = Alexander

      iv. Legs of iron = Rome

            1. Crushes all empires

      v. Feet part of iron and clay

            1. A divided kingdom

            2. Weakness = democracy

      vi. A Stone strikes the feet and destroys the image and fills the earth

Daniel 11:31-45

a. V. 31 Abomination that makes desolate

b. V. 32 He shall seduce

      i. Pope?

c. V. 35 Still awaits the appointed time

      i. Not yet fulfilled

      ii. Walvoord quotes Luther

      iii. *HITLER AND GERMANY are the shadowy pattern for antichrist's regime.

1.LOOK how God punished the German people with Hitler for their coldness toward Luther

            2. Far worse is coming

d. V. 36 "do as he wills"

      i. King = antichrist

      ii. A just punishment on democracy which has unleashed restraints

      iii. NO advisor, country or situation will stop him

e. "exalt himself and magnify himself above every god"

      i. Even Muhammad

      ii. A just punishment on idolatry

f. "speak astonishing things against the true God

      i. "Is means signifies" is already astonishing

      ii. "I am your Provider."

      iii. "I am your God."

g. "shall prosper until the indignation is accomplished"

      i. A just punishment on GREED

      ii. Hearts tested as to whether God or mammon

      iii. Until the iniquity of the Amorites is full

h. V. 37 "no attention to the one beloved by women"

      i. Hates Messiah

            1. HE is THE MESSIAH

            2. Will endure NO challenge to his authority

i. V. 38 "his god is the god of fortresses"

      i. POWER is his sole confidence

            1. American power-base

j. "a foreign god will help him conquer"

      i. Satan finally worshipped!

      ii. Leaders who submit to him will be lavished upon

k. V. 40 "at the time of the end"

      i. Another demarcation

            1. Last 3 ½ years

      ii. King of South attacks him

      iii. King of North really attacks him

            1. Iran

            2. For allowing Jews to rebuild Temple

      iv. Luther says, "If I were Samson I would kill 1000 Turks per day."

      v. Both kings are destroyed

            1. He "overthrows and passes through" many countries

                  a. Saudi Arabia delivered

l. V. 42 Egypt falls to him

m. V. 43 Libyans and Cushites follow him

      i. Somalia, Ethiopia, India

n.V. 44 "news from the east and the north shall alarm him, and he shall go out with great fury to destroy and devote many to destruction."

      i. Throws a gigantic temper tantrum when he doesn't get his way

      ii. Devote implies a religious sacrifice

            1. In the name of religion

      iii. WORLD WAR

            1. On the very cusp of ruling the WHOLE world.

            2. ROCK destroys him

o. V. 45 Invades Jerusalem

Daniel 12

a. Deals with the Jews

b. Michael involved during THE time of trouble

c. Join with John's 144,000

d. V. 4 Shut up the words

      i. Many will run to and fro and knowledge shall increase

e. V. 6 "HOW LONG"

      i. Time, times, ½ time

f.A finishing commensurate with the shattering of the power of the holy people come to an end

g. V. 17

      i. 1290 days

      ii. 1335 days

Daniel 7 Vision of the four beasts

a. V. 7 "terrifying and dreadful"

      i. Devoured, broke and stamped with its feet

      ii. God uses this beast to punish unbelief

1.Unbelief represented by a sampling of my friends and family who have rejected the truth

      iii. "different"

            1. Had ten horns, which Daniel considered

b. V. 8 "little horn" plucks up three horns of the ten

      i. "eyes" in little horn = cunning

c. "mouth speaking great things"

      i. "let him who speaks speak as the oracles of God"

            1. This is the mouthpiece for the Beast and is called Antichrist

                  a. Pope?

d. V. 9-10 Comfort for Daniel

      i. He needs it!

      ii. Ancient of Days on the throne

1.Court is almost in session and ALL will rise when the Judge comes into the courtroom

e. V. 11 Daniel's attention redirected to the horn's speech!

      i. He is killed and body destroyed and burned

            1. Second Coming?

f.V. 12 Dominion taken from the other beasts but lives prolonged for a season and a time

      i. Until judgment

g. V. 13-14 Christ presented to God and given dominion

h. V. 15 Daniel ANXIOUS

      i. Why? Because he loved his people!!

i. V. 21 Little horn makes war with the Saints

      i. 144,000 Jews

j. V. 22 Until Christ comes and gives the kingdom to the Saints

k. V. 25 Wears out the Saints

      i. Thinks to change the TIMES and the LAW (?????)

            1. Both given to him for 3 ½ years


      i. His color changed

            1. SO SHOULD YOURS!!!!

            2. Must have been worse than Belshazzar's feast

Daniel 9:24-27 Daniel's 70 Weeks

a. V. 24 "decreed about YOUR people":

      i. "finish the transgression"

            1. The apostasy of Adam and the Jews

                  a. "What sin did we commit?"

      ii. "Put an end to sin"

      iii. "Atone for iniquity"

      iv. "seal the vision and prophet"

            1. Paul – "they shall cease"

      v. "anoint a most Holy Place"

            1. Millennial Temple

      vi.All of this is the second installment of the KNOCKOUT BLOW delivered in Gen. 3:15

b. V. 25 Decree to rebuild Jerusalem

      i. Neh. 2:1-8 = B.C. 445

            1. 69 times 7 = 483 years

            2. 445 plus 33 = 478

                  a. Close enough for me

                  b. Tim Perfect

c. V. 26 "people of the prince to come will destroy the city and sanctuary"

      i. "end will come with a FLOOD"

      ii. War until the end

d. V. 27 makes a "strong covenant" with many for one week

      i. Covenant with false Jews

      ii. At mid-week he puts an end to sacrifice and offering

iii."On the wing of abominations shall one come who makes desolate until decreed end is poured out on the Desolator"

iv.Jer. 30: 6-7 "Why has every face turned pale…That day is so great there is none like it; it is a time of distress for Jacob; yet he shall be saved out of it."

Matthew 24

a. V. 8 Birth pangs

b. V. 10 Many will fall away

c. V. 12 Lawlessness increased

      i. Democracy

d. Love of many grow cold

      i. Disobedience to parents, speaking evil of authority, pure evil of Wall Street

e. V. 13 "The one who endures to THE END will be saved"

f. V. 14 Gospel proclaimed to all nations, then the end

      i. The Apostles began this promise and Luther gave it a booster shot

            1. "Augsburg is the last trump(et)"


      i. Mid 7-year point

h. V. 21 GREAT TRIBULATION as never before

i. V. 22 If these days were not cut short NO FLESH WOULD BE SAVED

j. Even the Elect, if possible

k. V. 27 As lightening from East to the West, so shall His coming be

l. V. 45-46 The faithful and wise servant

      i. ARE YOU ONE?


a. Why judgment?

i.Glory is not given to God: 1:5; 4:11; 7:12; 9:20; 11:17-18; 12:11; 14:7; 15:3-4;16:5-6; 16:9-11; 16:21; 19:5; 21:9

      ii. Weep and howl for the misery…

      iii. Prov. 8:31

      iv. Gen. 3:15

      v. God reveals to his prophets what is to come

b. The Players

      i. Antichrist

            1. From Europe?

      ii. King of the South

      iii. King of the North

      iv. Russia

      v. China

      vi. ISIL

      vii. Beast

      viii. False Prophet

      ix. Dragon

      x. Great Prostitute

c. 1:7 He is coming with the clouds; every eye shall see Him

d. 3:14 Laodicea

      i. V. 16 I will spew you out

      ii. V. 20 I stand at the door and knock

e. Ch. 4 Church age over

      i. Time of Gentiles over

      ii. Heavenly Scene

f. Ch. 5 Scroll with 7 seals (John cries)

      i. V. 9 New song and every nation

g. Ch. 6

      i. First seal is white horse

            1. To conquer

      ii. Second seal is red horse

            1. To take peace from earth

      iii. Third seal is black horse

            1. Famine

      iv. Fourth seal is pale horse

            1. Death and Hades

      v. Fifth seal

            1. Martyrs under the alter

                  a. HOW LONG?

      vi. Sixth seal

            1. Great earthquake

                  a. FALL ON US

                  b. Hide us from the wrath of the Lamb!

h. Ch. 7 Interlude to seal the 144,000

      i. V. 15 Every tear wiped away!

i. Ch. 8 Seventh Seal

      i. ½ hour of silence

      ii. Prayer censor cast to earth!

            1. Our prayers make it worse for them

      iii. 7 trumpets and angels

            1. Augsburg was "Last Trump"

                  a. Luther was obviously wrong in declaring Julius the "Last Flame"

            2. V. 7 First trumpet is hail

                  a. 1/3 earth burned

            3. V. 8 Second trumpet is fiery mountain into sea

                  a. 1/3 sea to blood

                  b. 1/3 fish die

                  c. 1/3 ships destroyed

            4. V. 12 Fourth trumpet is darkness

                  a. 1/3 heavens

            5. V. 13 WOE - THREE MORE ARE COMING!!

j. Ch. 9

      i. V. 1 Fifth trumpet is bottomless pit opened

            1. Locusts torment for 5 months

            2. Death flees

      ii. V. 14 Sixth trumpet

            1. Four angels from Euphrates released to kill 1/3 mankind

                  a. Those killed DID NOT REPENT

k. Ch. 10 Angel with little scroll

      i. Prelude to seventh trumpet

      ii. V. 5-6 NO MORE DELAY

            1. Compare to Daniel

      iii. V. 7 Mystery of God revealed

iv.V. 11 John eats the scroll - you must again prophesy about many peoples, nations, languages, kings

l. Ch. 11 Two Witnesses

i.John told not to measure the temple court because it is given to the Gentiles for 42 months

      ii. V. 3 Authority given to the Two for 1260 days

            1. Compare to Daniel

      iii. V. 7 Beast from pit kills them

      iv. V. 14??? Second woe is passed, third to come

      v. V. 15 Seventh trumpet

            1. Kingdoms of the world translated to Christ!

                  a. God's temple opened

m. Ch. 12 Woman and Dragon

      i. His time is short

      ii. V. 14 "time, times and ½ time"

            1. Compare to Daniel

n. Ch. 13 Beast rising out of Sea

      i. 10 horns

      ii. 7 heads

      iii. Who can fight against him?

      iv. V. 5 Blasphemous words

            1. Compare to Daniel 11:36

      v. War on the saints to conquer them

      vi. Authority over all people

      vii. V. 11 Second beast

            1. Two horns

            2. Spoke like a dragon

            3. Exercises all authority of first beast in its person

            4. Makes earth worship first beast

            5. Great signs to deceive

6. Tells earth to make image for the beast and gives breath to the image of the beast

            7. Mark 666

o. Ch. 14 First fruits

      i. V. 6 Three Angels

            1. Fear God

            2. Babylon fallen

            3. Wrath to those who receive the mark

      ii. V. 14 Harvest of the earth

            1. Angel 1 Put in sickle

            2. Angel 2 Sharp sickle

            3. Angel 3 Authority over fire

                  a. Blood to bridles for 184 miles

p. Ch. 15 Seven angels and seven plagues

      i. THE LAST (out of the sanctuary of the tent)

q. Ch. 16 Bowls of wrath

      i. No one can enter because of wrath vs. glory before

      ii. V. 2 Bowl 1 Painful sores

      iii. V. 3 Bowl 2 Seal blood and all dead

      iv. V. 4 Bowl 3 All rivers and springs to blood

      v. Bowl 4 Sun scorches people and they curse God

      vi. V. 10 Bowl 5 Throne of the beast into darkness

            1. Gnawed their tongues rather than repent

      vii. V. 12 Bowl 6 Euphrates dried for kings of the East

      viii. V. 13 Three frogs out of the mouth of the Dragon, Beast and False Prophet

            1. Assemble kings for battle against God


      x. V. 17 Bowl 7 poured into air

            1. GREAT EARTHQUAKE

            2. Great city split into three parts

            3. Cities of nations fell

            4. God REMEMBERS Babylon the great and drains the cup of fury


      i. Seated on many waters (nations)

      ii. A woman sitting on scarlet beast with 7 heads and 10 horns

      iii. MYSTERY Babylon the Great - mother of prostitutes

      iv. Drunk with blood of saints

      v. V. 7 John MARVELED

      vi. The beast was and is not and is to come

            1. About to rise from the pit and the world marvels

      vii. EIGHTH BEAST belongs to the seven

      viii. V. 9 Calls for a mind with wisdom

      ix. Seven heads carrying her = seven mountains

            1. Seven kings

            2. Five fallen, one is, one yet to come for a little while

      x. V. 10 Ten horns = ten kings

            1. Authority for one hour with the beast

      xi. V. 13 Of one mind and hand over power to the beast

      xii. V. 14 Make war on the Lamb

      xiii. V. 16 Ten horns plus the beast will hate her and burn her

xiv.V. 18 Woman = the great city that has dominion over the kings of the earth



      ii. Merchants weep

      iii. All nations deceived by your sorcery

      iv. V. 24 In her was found the blood of prophets and saints

t.Ch. 19 Rejoicing over the great prostitute who corrupted the earth with her immorality (USA)

      i. V. 7 Marriage supper

      ii. V. 10 The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophesy

      iii. V. 11 White horse with heavens armies

            1. Strike down nations and rule them

      iv. V. 18 "Birds, gather for the great supper of God."

      v. V. 20 Beast and kings with false prophet

u. Ch. 20 Devil bound 1000 years

      i. V. 4 Judgment

            1. Saints without mark raised and reign with Christ 1000 years

      ii. V. 7 Satan released to deceive nations

            1. GOG AND MAGOG

            2. Fire destroys them

            3. Satan thrown into LAKE OF FIRE


            1. According to works

      iv. V. 14 Death and hell into lake of fire


      i. V. 4 Tears wiped away

      ii. V. 9 NEW JERUSALEM - 1400 miles square

      iii. V. 23 Lamb is the Light in which all nations will walk

w. Ch. 22 River of life with Tree of Life on either side

      i. V. 4 his name on their foreheads

      ii. V. 10 DO NOT SEAL vs. SEAL

      iii. V. 17 COME

      iv. V. 18 WARNING